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We are specialist in renting motorcycles, bicycles, cars and apartments in Promajna, near Baska Voda, Brela, Makarska, Krvavica and Bratus. We provide our customers with the most professional service and have ten years of experience in the field.
Park your car free of charge at our place and explore wonderful hidden places reachable only by scooter or bicycle, avoid crowd, heat and parking problems.

Welcome to the place where sun meets the sea. Welcome to Promajna! 


Promajna was named after the sun which happily peers (promalja) above Mt. Biokovo creating the most beautiful sunrises, which freely spread its rays towards the sea. The clean air with gentle breezes, comes down from the mountain across the greenery of the pines, olives and vineyards, right down to the white beaches, and mixes with the scents of the crystal clear sea. Hard-working and hospitable hosts have turned this former fishing and farming village into one of the brightest jewel of Dalmatia, where many come to rest and replenish their health and strength. It is located 3km from Baska Voda (Baška Voda)Reference:


Baska Voda

The Adriatic gently caresses the pearly white beaches, while the sun happily spreads its life-giving rays upon the green oasis at the foot of the magnificent mountain Biokovo. Inherited from God and man, somewhere between the sea and mountains, between deeds and dreams. Since prehistory and the Illyrians, ancient times and Roman Aronia, right up to the modern days, traces have survived and enriched people.

Family homes filled with warmth and hospitality, high quality comfortable hotels crowned with golden stars and camps guarantee a great holiday. An eternal source of poetic inspiration and wonderment of life, the sea calls for you to enjoy in happy moments that will forever remain in the hearts and memories of those in love with life. Relax and forget all your worries in the shade of palm trees and pines, during a leisurely stroll along the sea, in the company of those you love. Inhale and fill your lungs with health, plunge into the fragrance of dew on pine needles, grape leaf, olives and palms. Discover why long ago it was written that here even a dying man comes to life again! Reference:

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Book apartment In May and June 2014 and you get one day free bicycle hire!

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